The Suffering From Lichen Planus Can Be Cured

skin diagnosisLichen Planus is a rash that typically affects adults and can manifest along any portion of the body, though it has been known to show a predilection for wrists, ankles, and genital tissue.

What is Lichen Planus?

The term refers to a chronic recurrent rash. Characterized by small, flat-topped bumps with various sides, lichen planus is triggered by the immune system (for reasons no one really understands).

The bumps in question grow together, becoming rough scaly plaques on the skin. Medical experts do not really understand this condition as well as they might claim. Lichen Planus got its name because the resulting rash looks like a lichen (to some people), which is a plant that grows on rocks and tree bark.

Lichen Planus is not really that serious an illness. It is also not contagious. However, there are various variations of Lichen Planus out there that are quite serious and painful.

Symptoms To Look Out For

When you contract this illness, you can expect the following symptoms to manifest:

  1. The symptom most notably associated with this disease are purple lesions with flat tops that manifest on the skin or even the genitals. If the disease is left untreated, these lesions can spread all over the body.
  2. These lesions or bumps are normally accompanied by itching.
  3. In some cases, white lesions will appear in the mouth, attracting a burning sensation.

It should be noted that the manifestation of lichen planus will vary with each individual. As such, the intensity of the symptoms, which can be offset gradually or suddenly, will also vary.

In most cases, this illness attacks the skin, with the lesions spreading over a period of a few weeks and the condition eventually clearing up after a number of months. In a select few situations, lesions will appear in the nails, scalp, and mucous membrane.

Causes of Lichen Planus

Considering how sudden the onset of Lichen Planus can be, it is understandable why so many people would seek to understand what causes this particular illness. Lichen planus occurs as a result of an immune response.
It is presently unclear why the body would attack the skin or mucous membrane by mistake. Some medical experts think factors like allergens, stress, viral infections and genetics might play a part.

While this illness can manifest at any age, it is rare among children and the elderly. Middle-aged men and women face the highest risk of contracting this illness.


Make an effort to consult your local Irvine California physician the moment you take note of a persistent rash on your skin or lesions in your mouth. If your average personal care physician struggles to identify your illness, they will send you to the best Irvine dermatologist who will use your symptoms to come to a conclusion about your situation.

While some doctors can identify the disease with a look, others might need to do a biopsy.

How To Treat This Condition

How do you treat Lichen Planus? Sometimes this illness clears up all on its own, without any treatment, though you might have to wait months. Where the symptoms prove too severe, your doctor should be able to prescribe a few effective medications, this including antihistamines (to reduce inflammation), retinoids, corticosteroids and light therapy. Patients with Lichen Planus are encouraged to avoid scratching their lesions.

Contraception Technology Innovations That You May Not Know About

the pillWith the sharp rise in population, the need for using contraceptives is more than ever. One out four of every woman in a developing country who want to avoid getting any kind of unwanted pregnancies require the need for contraceptives. These women have accounted for more than 82 percent of unwanted pregnancies in the modern world. Developing countries are at their peak of population burst and governments all over the world are educating their citizens about the need for responsible sexual activity and using contraceptives. Central Asia and East Asia have the most need for contraceptives with its sharp rise in population. Couples and women need more information about the risks of pregnancy and the need for contraceptives. Although the existing methods of contraception present are based on current technology, there is a need for development and innovation in the pre existing fields so that future generations are well equipped with them. The changing medical policies and time require the need for a change in the current technology present to curb population growth and also the risk factors associated with pregnancy.

Latest ideas and innovations in contraception

Injectable contraceptives happen to be one of the most popular methods for safe and healthy protection, privacy, convenience and preventing pregnancy. It is too the latest in contraception technology. Now they are being available outside nursing homes and clinics. The Sayana Press, a lower dose formulation has been invented and the Depo Provera has the potential to improve the contraceptive needs of women all over the world. The Sayana Press is a three month duration progestin based contraceptive package which is administered through injection. It is light weight and easy to use.

Implants have become very popular in a short time in some African countries. The use and supply of uterine implants have far surpassed the usage of oral based contraceptives in those regions. This has happened largely due to a positivity oriented political environment and supportive policies. There is also an increase in the support provided to natives and they have been educated thoroughly about the usage and functionality of implants.
The Food and Drug Administration has until recently approved LILETTA, an intrauterine system which releases levonorgestrel for usage by pregnant women. The FDA found out through extensive surveys that LILETTA was 99 percent successful in preventing pregnancy. LNG (Levonorgestrel) releasing systems made for the uterus are the most effective method of reversible contraception available. They are slowly becoming the number one choice for women worldwide. The new inventions and innovations in latest contraceptive technology and the fall in price of intra uterine devices and implants are ensuring that women all over the world have seamless access to contraceptive products and technologies. The development and marketing is also proving favorable to women who now have access to more modern methods of contraception.

Micro doses of synthetic progestin can be administered daily in small doses. They provide significant contraception and do not inhibit ovulation. The more advanced synthetic progestins are now being clinically developed in laboratories and marketed all over the world. These are being made available to women who are finding it quite effective to prevent pregnancy.

There are also options which are hormonal based and there are several to choose from. Nuva Ring and Ortho Evra are the two new contraceptives which are estrogen based. The Nuva Ring is placed inside the vagina where it steadily releases estrogen and progestin for a month. Then it is taken out and new ring is placed. This has been proved to be 91 to 94 percent effective in preventing pregnancy. Ortho Evra is patch which needs to be applied on to the skin. It has hormones embedded in a layer of adhesive. The user can stick it anywhere on her buttocks, abdomen or upper body. It slowly produces and releases progestin and estrogen throughout the week. Once a week is over you have to peel it off and use a new one.

The latest methods of contraception are proving to be far more effective than the old ones. The need for worldwide induction and usage is necessary to curb a population crisis problem which seems imminent. Proper education and knowledge also needs to be imparted to people about contraception and its needs, apart from the latest in contraception technology.

The Unexpected Rise Of SnapChat


Since its launch in 2011, Snapchat has slowly started to dominate the already crowded social media scene. The iPhone and Android app allows users to send pictures and video that self-destruct after a certain amount of time. Controversial at times, the app has been in the press for it’s popularity, reach and overall dominance in the current market.

This year, the app launched a feature that allows users to enhance their images with fun, sharable filters. And it’s not just regular users who are getting into the fun. Businesses and brands can launch their own ‘stories’ to share featured content and advertisements with the Snapchat user base. But just how well is the social media giant performing and will it continue to grow as a social influencer?

Snapchat User Statistics Broken Down 

Snapchat reportedly has 100 million daily active users. In fact, in a January 2016 report, Snapchat revealed that nine snaps are sent between users per second.

Interestingly, but perhaps not surprising, the majority of Snapchat users are millennials. A report in 2015 showed that 73% of Snapchat’s user base identified as millennials. This young audience was shown to be using the app on average for 30 minutes total per day. Of the total population in the United States, Snapchat is actively reaching 11%. While this may seem low compared to Facebook and YouTube, it’s significant for a company that only has four years under its belt.

Competitive Statistics 

There are many social media staples today – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube. Snapchat is new the world, but already making a mark.

Facebook has actively been pushing video on its platform, even introducing video ads last year for users. With a much larger user base than Snapchat (over one billion and counting), Facebook averages about 8 million video views daily. What’s interesting is Snapchat is catching up, and quickly. Daily, Snapchat sees users viewing video 7 million times. This includes personal snap videos and branded videos in the Discover section.

Digital marketers are spending 500% more money to reach the millennial generation. With Snapchat reaching so much of that audience with daily picture and video views, it’s no wonder they are looking to the platform as a viable marketing opportunity. But how has that affected the company’s bottom line?

How Much Does Snapchat Make?

Advertising has become common on the Snapchat app. Late last year, the company launched a business stories section called Discover. Brands like MTV, Vice, Buzzfeed and more now have the ability to create daily Snapchat stories that promote their original content. Within those stories are advertisements for upcoming movies, product launches and more.

This advertising revenue has made an impression on the business’s worth. In 2014, the company reported $3 million in total revenue. In 2015, the number had increased to $50 million. While the numbers for this year won’t appear for a while, it’s likely that the number will increase once more.

Snapchat was once considered a fad, but it clearly has staying power. With more users interacting with the app daily, and features rolling out, this could be an opportunity for businesses to reach a new audience.